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KR-200473127-Y1: paper bag manufacturing machine patent, KR-200474943-Y1: hat mask function perfectly while blocking ultraviolet equipped to work patent, KR-200478033-Y1: 용접불꽃 비산 방지포 거치대 patent, KR-200481028-Y1: 가루얼음 제빙기 patent, KR-200484336-Y1: A removing jig for valve seat of ball valve patent, KR-200484558-Y1: Gripping and rotating exerciser patent, JP-H022486-Y2: patent, JP-H0233447-Y2: patent, JP-H0245429-Y2: patent, JP-H0314498-Y2: patent, JP-H0331269-Y2: patent, JP-H0350072-Y2: patent, JP-H0351165-Y2: patent, JP-H0411676-Y2: patent, JP-H0448140-Y2: patent, JP-H0520275-Y2: patent, JP-S5414033-Y2: patent, JP-S552587-Y2: patent, JP-S5624944-Y2: patent, JP-S5728000-Y2: patent, JP-S6034142-Y2: patent, JP-S6241917-Y2: patent, JP-S6317604-Y2: patent, JP-S6320052-Y2: patent, JP-2008047697-A: Method for grinding wafer patent, JP-2008049312-A: Construction method of clay-based water sealing layer patent, JP-2008060776-A: Portable terminal device, recording notification method thereby, and communication system patent, JP-2008061657-A: Token replenishment control device patent, JP-2008067494-A: 電源装置および画像形成装置 patent, JP-2008068784-A: Device for specifying fitting position of wheel state detection unit patent, JP-2008069624-A: Reinforcing structure of pier crossbeam patent, JP-2008070192-A: 地名・退出方向対応関係報知装置および地名・退出方向対応関係報知装置用のプログラム patent, JP-2008075397-A: 稠密充填型テンセグリティ・ジョイント patent, JP-2008076086-A: 高分子膜および環境成分評価センサ patent, JP-2008078186-A: 窒化物系化合物半導体の結晶成長方法 patent, JP-2008080379-A: 冷間鍛造用鋼線の製造方法 patent, JP-2008080904-A: 自動車用シート patent, JP-2008081511-A: 植物鮮度保持剤 patent, JP-2008093714-A: Brazed body of stainless steel material and aluminum alloy material, and brazing method patent, JP-2008093946-A: Method for vertically stretching thermoplastic resin film and vertically stretched film manufactured by its method patent, JP-2008094562-A: Postprocessing setting device, image forming device and image forming system using this device patent, JP-2008095177-A: 高炉用含炭非焼成ペレットの製造方法 patent, JP-2008100152-A: 排ガス浄化用触媒 patent, JP-2008103911-A: Car-mounted handsfree system patent, JP-2008104485-A: Sauna equipment patent, JP-2008111764-A: 磁気式酸素計 patent, JP-2008127828-A: Vertical blind patent, JP-2008135878-A: 直交変調器 patent, JP-2008139341-A: 光走査光学装置 patent, JP-2008141288-A: Motion vector detection device and motion vector detection method patent, JP-2008145682-A: Signal encoding device, signal encoding method, program, and recording medium patent, JP-2008145700-A: 液晶表示装置およびその製造法 patent, JP-2008151657-A: Apparatus and method for preparing thin sliced specimen patent, JP-2008152909-A: Detecting method for static data area of nonvolatile data storage device, wear leveling method and data unit merging method and device thereof patent, JP-2008154464-A: Method for water absorption promotion treatment of seed and apparatus for the treatment patent, JP-2008158429-A: 現像方法、画像形成方法および画像形成装置 patent, JP-2008160405-A: Imaging apparatus patent, JP-2008165490-A: 情報選別装置、情報選別方法、プログラムおよび記録媒体 patent, JP-2008165993-A: Fuel cell patent, JP-2008170601-A: 液体現像剤を用いる画像形成方法および画像形成装置 patent, JP-2008176951-A: Silver-based particulate ink paste patent, JP-2008183827-A: 樹脂封止装置 patent, JP-2008188239-A: 内視鏡装置 patent, JP-2008193826-A: Harness holding structure patent, JP-2008199500-A: 映像配信システム patent, JP-2008204326-A: Portable information processor, communication processing method for portable information processor, and communication processing program for portable information processor patent, JP-2008208772-A: Fuel injection device for engine patent, JP-2008213998-A: Sheet feeding device, and image forming device patent, JP-2008216575-A: Image display method patent, JP-2008217477-A: Interrogator, and radio authentication system patent, JP-2008234469-A: Control system development support device, control system development support method and program for making computer execute the method patent, JP-2008241906-A: Endless belt for electrophotographic apparatus patent, JP-2008248410-A: 工程紙 patent, JP-2008251904-A: Method of surface treatment of mounting table patent, JP-2008252418-A: Portable radio terminal, power control method and power control program patent, JP-2008252784-A: 夜間視界支援装置 patent, JP-2008260888-A: Gellant patent, JP-2008296245-A: Method for forming shape steel material with dowel(tenon) by die forming, and structure for fixing shape steel material formed by this method to shape steel material patent, JP-2008301547-A: Motor torque controller of electric vehicle patent, JP-2008512818-A: 記録媒体及び記録媒体にデータを記録する方法と装置 patent, JP-2008513385-A: 2−アシルアミノチアゾール誘導体 patent, JP-2008514192-A: 酵素顆粒 patent, JP-2008516282-A: 微小電気機械システムにおけるアモルファス屈曲部 patent, JP-2008518766-A: 塗膜における表面欠陥を低減又は抑制する方法 patent, JP-2008528609-A: 歯周病治療及び予防用組成物、及び使用方法 patent, JP-2008538307-A: ストロボ式画像キャプチャを提供するための方法および装置 patent, JP-2008546517-A: 疎水性または親水性のセメントを含む、気体を濾過するための触媒フィルターおよび構造物 patent, JP-2009005242-A: Video/audio processing apparatus and video/audio processing method patent, JP-2009012009-A: Micro spot forming method and micro spot forming device patent, JP-2009014804-A: Liquid crystal device and electronic device patent, JP-2009020800-A: Feature-point tracking device and program patent, JP-2009022158-A: Group protection module for switchgear arrangement and switchgear arrangement having such group protection module patent, JP-2009033472-A: 無線通信端末および無線通信方法 patent, JP-2009037013-A: 半導体光変調器 patent, JP-2009038851-A: High speed motor drive patent, JP-2009042144-A: On-vehicle pressure sensor, and vehicle brake hydraulic control apparatus patent, JP-2009044885-A: Wire stripping device patent, JP-2009049527-A: Imaging apparatus and driving method thereof patent, JP-2009052637-A: Compound type mixing valve and hot water supply system patent, JP-2009055253-A: イヤースピーカ装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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